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Location of 341 Hearings

Q: Where is the 341 Hearing and What Should I Bring?

A: The bankruptcy court is located at 135 W. Central Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32801.  

To get there from Melbourne, Florida, take I-95 North to 528 West. From 528 West, merge onto 417 North.  From 417 North, take 408 West across downtown.  Take the Rosalyn exit, and turn left onto South.  Take the first right at Rosalyn and go north.  Turn left at Central Blvd.  You will see the Orlando Public Library on your right.  Continue on Central Blvd. and cross Orange Ave.  You will pass the Channel 13 News headquarters on your right.

The Bankruptcy Court is located in the Fairwinds Credit Union, a tall, silver, refridgerator-shaped building.  It is the last building before you go under the I-4 overpass.  It is across the street from the parking lot located behind Church Street Station.  

341 hearings are on the 6th floor.

There is parking behind the building and also in a nearby parking garage. Remember to bring cash for parking and for tolls!

You must bring a copy of your social security card and a photo id.

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